Friday, March 23, 2007

Music quiz

Here's a little music quiz. See if you can name the band:

  • They were very big in the 70's and early 80's
  • Many of their songs are staples on classic rock radio
  • Three-piece band, based in the UK
  • The lead singer quit the band in the 80's and went on to a solo career
  • Originally his music was fairly similar to that of the band, but he gradually went more and more towards soft rock (to the point where classic rock stations that play the band's music won't play his solo stuff)
  • He worked on at least one movie soundtrack
  • One other member of the band had some success on his own, the third one vanished
  • The band recently reformed, and is now touring again

Obviously the answer is The Police, right? Wrong. Well, they fit all the criteria above, but the answer is Genesis. Phil Collins and Sting both went soft and started making some pretty lame music, Mike Rutherford of Genesis had some success with Mike and the Mechanics, and Stewart Copeland did quite well doing music for numerous movies and TV shows. Tony Banks and Andy Summers did nothing that I know of.

Weird how two completely different bands have so many similarities. I'd love to see the Police (though I'm not willing to pay the insane prices for tickets), though seeing Genesis doesn't really have that much appeal for me.

I was going to make a joke at the end of this posting, something like "Man, if only <band> would reform, that would be great!" where <band> was some band that was big in the 70's or 80's but then broke up, but I can't make such a joke, because I think all of the bands from that era already have reformed. Max Webster? April Wine? The Doobie Brothers? Styx? The Eagles? Yup, all within the last few years. REO Speedwagon? The Police? Genesis? Yup, they're touring now. Journey? Duran Duran? The Bay City Rollers? KC and the Sunshine Band? The Village People? Yup, according to Wikipedia, they're all touring now. Hmmmmmm... running out of bands.... hey, I know one!

Man, if only the Beatles would reform, that would be great!

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