Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NetWare hell

Novell announced the other day that their next version of SuSE Linux (called Open Enterprise Server) will be able to run NetWare 6.5 as, essentially, a virtual machine. It also says that "This release of OES also spells the end of NetWare as a separate operating system", so that you will only be able to run NetWare as a VM.

SQL Anywhere has been supported on NetWare since the beginning, and I have been the sole NetWare developer on the engine team for most of the last ten years. With this change, I don't know if it makes sense to continue supporting NetWare, so it's possible that management will consider dropping NetWare as a supported platform. This would be fine with me, since NetWare is a difficult operating system to work with — the compiler is old and unsupported, the debugger is flaky and slow, and there are lots of idiosyncrasies specific to NetWare that I have to deal with.

The title of the above linked article is "Good-bye NetWare, hello, OES 2", so when viewing that page in Firefox, that's what the title bar says. When I minimized the Firefox window, I got this, which I thought was kind of appropriate:

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